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At Gold Recruitment, we’re always growing our portfolio of candidates, engaging the best and brightest in a wide range of industries. Connecting with passive job seekers – star prospects who aren’t actively looking but have their eyes open for the right opportunity – gives us a serious edge on the competition.

We’re labour market experts, making it our business to understand which skills are in high demand. And because we’re so well connected, we also have the very latest facts on competitive salaries.

We’ll tell you the truth – in a nice way. We pride ourselves on giving caring and constructive feedback to candidates and clients, so you’re ready to make a good match when the time comes.

Founded in 2013, Gold Recruitment offers contingency recruitment services to a wide range of clients and candidates in Atlantic Canada. Whether you’re an employee looking for the right opportunity, or a company looking for the right employee, our full-service team can help.

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