Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) right for my organization?

A: Gold Recruitment has developed a customized RaaS offer to address gaps we identified in the market. A solution customized to an organization’s needs, workflow and objectives, it won’t fit everyone. Gold Recruitment will continue to offer Contingency Recruitment Services and can help you evaluate the service approach best suited for you and your team. Typically, organizations anticipating hiring 5 or more new employees in the coming year may benefit from RaaS depending on industry, market, and objectives. We would be pleased to help you evaluate the best approach for your team.

Q: Is RaaS simply amortizing contingency fees?

A. Recruitment as a Service is designed to provide predictable recruitment costs for organizations and much more. It’s not amortizing your recruitment fees, but amplifying your recruitment investment through a strategic initiative that is planned, proactive, customized and flexible to meet changing business demands. It may or may not reduce your overall recruitment costs throughout the course of the year, but it will be predictable and includes significant benefits and flexibility over contingency recruitment models for the right organizations.

Q: What benefits does RaaS offer over Contingency Recruitment?

A: RaaS is a strategic model based on your annual organizational objectives. Designed for your organization, with your team’s needs first. We consult and collaborate with your team around your employer identity and differentiation in the market, your hiring goals and anticipated needs and design a plan to achieve those goals. Weekly and monthly updates, quarterly, biannual and annual reviews and consultation are included. Our team proactively talent scouts the market based on your culture and plan and promotes your organization as an employer to the right potential candidates. Everything is customized to your resources, processes and workflows. We can act as screening agents with market insight for any candidates irrespective of source for independent market comparison. Instead of a 6 month placement warranty, RaaS includes backfilling any roles you need throughout the term of service. Contingency Recruitment is a great tool for filling a strategic position. RaaS is a service uniquely designed to build high performing teams.

Q: How was RaaS developed?

A: For 6 years, Gold Recruitment has been working with our clients, and have aimed to bring as much value to the development and growth of their organizations as possible. It’s in our DNA. We spent over a year reviewing how we have worked most successfully with our clients and candidates. The feedback we received in our approach around what was most valuable was used to design an innovative service based on the best practices for promoting our clients as employers and attracting top talent to build extraordinary teams.  We identified some key gaps in the market and spent the past months speaking with stakeholders in various industries, incorporating their pain points and insights into the model to make it as robust and valuable as possible. There are RaaS models used internationally, so we reviewed those and built something customized for the Canadian market, and specifically with the culture, community and business needs of Atlantic Canada.

Q: How much does RaaS cost?

A: Our focus is on consultation, customization and flexibility. Every organization is unique, with different cultures, stakeholders, resources, forecasts, processes and priorities. Instead of a one-size-fits-all-approach, we have designed the service to be simple and high value, tailored to each organization. As such, we will meet with your team to understand all the variables and design a scope and fee structure that works for you. That’s central to the service approach, that it’s YOUR RaaS solution, delivered by Gold.

Q: How can I get more information?

A: We would be happy to set up a convenient time to meet with your team and discuss your requirements and aspirations and the best approach to maximize your recruitment investment and results. Please contact Fraser ( +19022201100) or Merlin ( +19028803087) to set up a time that works for you.




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